Everything worth knowing about booking serviced apartments in Copenhagen!

In case you didn’t know, Copenhagen is the most visited city in Scandinavia. Some of the best landmarks of Denmark are located in the capital, right from castles to the iconic Little Mermaid statue, and world-famed amusement parks. It is not hard to find a hotel or accommodation in Copenhagen, but instead of letting the lukewarm stay define your stay, how about staying at a serviced apartment? Contrary to what many travelers think, copenhagen serviced apartments don’t have to cost a fortune, and even if you pay a tad more than what you would otherwise spend on an average hotel, the price is worth it.

Should you really consider serviced apartments?

To be fair, Copenhagen does have a long list of hotels, including many five-star properties. However, a hotel is still a hotel, and it doesn’t really make sense to seek character, privacy and warmth, especially if you are booking one of the regular options. Serviced apartments in Copenhagen are pretty famed, not just because these offer an amazing mix of services, but also because you can expect the comfort of your home. Many of the properties are designed with global travelers in considerations and by some of the renowned architectural firms.

Finding the right option in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has varied kinds of properties that double up as service apartments. From uncomplicated one-bedroom apartments to big & massive penthouses, there are quite a few options. As in any city, you cannot expect all serviced apartments to offer the same kind of luxury, which is why it is best to check in advance. Access to public transport, services on offer, inclusions like fully-functional kitchens, special community services are a must. Check the location of the property, as well, because you don’t want to be too far away from the buzz of the city center. Some of the best serviced apartments in the Danish capital are located in Østerbro. Most properties have websites, so you can always check for photos online and find the necessary details.

Final word

Copenhagen is always buzzing with action, and there are endless things to do here. With a serviced apartment, you can always enjoy your stay, regardless of whether you plan to stay for a day or a week. Note that properties are often booked in advance, so ensuring that your stay is confirmed before arrival is a good idea. Check online now to find the right options.

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