Want To Party In Perth? Here Are The 4 Best Nightclubs

Perth is often forgotten when it comes to the night life scene, people’s minds often jump to the Vegas of Australia the Gold Coast or the more world famous Sydney believing they need to go to the east coast to party, oh how wrong they are!

The Bad Bunny girls have been partying it up in Perth for over five years, and we are here to let you in on the five best nightclubs in Perth. Get ready guys we are taking you on a one stop club crawl across our city.

Jackrabbits slims

people party hard in perth wa
Youth party hard in perth

One of Perth more recent clubs, Jackrabbit Slims (or jacki slabs as its known by the locals) opened its doors in 2015 and has quickly become one of Perth’s number one party destinations. This 450-capacity live music venue/nightclub is based on the cult film Pulp Fiction, boasting colourful artwork throughout the venue, with milkshakes on the menu all night. Since its arrival the Slabs has delivered a variety of different performances, you will often find a big producer blasting DnB one night then the next a garage band doing their thing. This diversity in music along with party vibes all night has made Jackie Slabs a favourite amongst locals and tourist visiting the city.

Ambar Nightclub

For over 12 years Perth most oldest underground nightclub Ambar has delivered to all the late night party goers. Voted best nightclub in Perth every year since 2003 the Ambar famous ally way has become a place for all to go and mingle in the early hours of the morning. With its doors not opening until 12 at night, Ambar isn’t a place to rock them heels girls. Instead, this underground beat factor will leave you sweaty and raise your arms in triumphant as you leave the club as the sun. For all those visiting Perth and looking for the real nitty and gritty experience of the city then Ambar is the place.

Metro City

metro city

Perth’s biggest venue by far is Metro City, boasting over seven different bars, three levels and balcony overlooking the city, you can’t go wrong if you’re in the city and are looking to boogie. Metros totally serve its purpose since its doors opened eight years ago, having some of the biggest gigs and after parties for the city, including Asap Rocky and Hot Dub Time Machine in 2016 alone. Located in Northbridge, Young metros as called by the locals has fortnightly hip hop events, bringing the best rap and RnB music to your ears. If you’re in the city and have a passion for the rap genre, then metros are probably the place you should be. Find more here www.metroconcertclub.com


For over 40 years connection nightclubs have been delivering the ultimate house experience to the gay and lesbian community…..yep since 1975!
This is a gay and lesbian nightclub, with the venue offering open arms to anyone who brings a good attitude and just wants to have fun. With one of the loudest audio systems in the city with a function – one unit (for all you non-DJ nerds out there that just means loud noises) and a love for house and music that just makes you feel good, Connections is always filled with people Friday to Sunday who want to catch that summer vibe, even during the coldest of winters.