The Growing trend in Bubble Soccer

What is bubble soccer or bubble football depending on what country you are in? Bubble soccer is a variation of football with some twists. One of the twists is the equipment that’s used to play this game. It looks like an inflated doughnut that you wear over your upper torso while playing.

Another twist is the size of the teams and who’s allowed to play on the team. Each team can’t be more than five people, and they have to have one girl on the team at all times.

There are safety rules about when someone can be bumped into. For example, if someone’s on the ground they can’t be bumped into because of the possibility of injury to the downed player’s legs. If the ball goes out of bounds and there’s potential for danger to the spectators the refer will stop play for safety reasons.

There aren’t any goalkeepers for the US games, and the duration of the matches is relatively short. Each game lasts twenty-four minutes split into two halves.