Choose the best travel credit card for your holidays

Take a break, experience exciting adventures, discover new lands, we do it as long as many of us carry dreams.

But reality inevitably catches up with us in the end. And the truth is that money will make these dreams come true.

So how do we finance our projects and manage our money on site? What is the best travel credit card to take with you on our holidays?

Travel never gets rid of money.

When you go on a trip, we must consider a variety of parameters. In particular those concerning the banking system of your destination and the methods of payment on site.

So how do you get money when you are in an entirely new country? Several solutions are available to you:

  • Bring local currencies that you have previously obtained from your bank or exchange office in your home country.
  • Make the exchange at a local bank.
  • Use ATMs with the best travel credit card.

How to choose the best travel credit card?

Begin by thoroughly investigating about the best travel credit card on the Internet or in an agency. Take the time to learn about different essential elements of your choice:

  • What is the cost of the travel credit card?
  • What are the associated costs?
  • What will be the exchange rate?
  • What is the insurance associated with this card?
  • What are the replacement conditions in case of loss or theft?

Once you have all these questions answered, take the time to compare offers before making your decision. Finally, the last element we must take into account: what type of credit card will we receive? Be aware that, depending on the country, brands are more or less present.

Some tips and advice to find the best travel credit card


  • Find a bank that offers the best rate
  • Also look for a solution outside your borders
  • Online portfolios and credit services


Some additional tips

How to use your credit card wisely?

If you stay in a foreign country for a long time, the monthly costs of your credit card can quickly add up! Fortunately, we can remediate this. To do this, use your credit card wisely and limit your transactions. Since banks associate fees with transactions, by restricting them, you will also limit fees.


Share your trip with your bank

Notify your bank of your departure. Do not wait until you have left before doing so, but on the contrary: proceed with this step as soon as possible. Moreover, it is one of the most critical steps we don’t want to miss. Also, this gesture will give you time to solve any problems related to your travel abroad.


Prevention is better than cure!

Since you can never be too careful, don’t hesitate to bring more than one international credit card. This way, you will avoid many problems, especially if you lose your credit card.

Road Trip in Iceland, Our Winter Guide!

Iceland. There are certain destinations where you only go once, others where you will return tirelessly – you know it at first sight.

The itinerary was overall: to go around the island, going out as often as possible of the circular road to explore the crossing paths (our credo;)).

But this time is in February, and it changes a lot of things. It’s a bit like another journey, another world, a white, mysterious, silent, a little more dangerous planet. We’re gonna have to tame the road. Not so simple in the middle of winter…


Advantages / disadvantages of a winter trip

amazing landscapesChoosing winter to visit Iceland is a very good idea! There is less tourism, the prices are lower than in summer, and of course you have the Northern Lights!

The days are shorter… but not that much: on February 15th, it’s 9:30 am to 6 pm! You can check the day here, depending on the month. On this point, I think it’s best to avoid December and January (unless your priority is the Northern Lights that require the night!).

Some small disadvantages: some places are inaccessible in winter, such as all the Highlands (the very wild center of the island), some roads are closed, not all hotels are open, some hikes inaccessible. Off-season Iceland, you know.

But what a joy to dive into a hot spring surrounded by snow-covered mountains, to visit an ice cave and to ride in all this mysterious white! The winter atmosphere is sublime. The colors are sublime. We also found the glaciers even more beautiful in winter! It’s transparent blue; it’s thick white, it’s also a very special polar light, subtle, soft, all in shades, from pink to blue… It’s a light that nourishes your thirst for adventure, that deeply marks the eyes, the spirit!

Organize a road trip in Iceland

The first time, we left alone without preparing anything (road trip of 1 month in summer). This time we tested Guide to Iceland to rent the car, book hotels and activities.

The advantage is that it costs you nothing, and you have someone to take care of your itinerary and reservations. It is a local platform specialized in Iceland, super complete, designed and managed by Icelanders. For those who like to be taken care of and have a local contact, it’s cool. They have an agency on LA main street in Reykjavík (Laugavegur 12a), so you can easily come and see them.

And I want to tell you something crazy: if you like this article and you want to make the same trip as us, send an email to Emilie (, she speaks French:)) and ask her “the road trip of Carnets de traverse”! So you have nothing to do, and we can guarantee you a great trip (10 days), without tiring you to organize (and I repeat, it’s free!)! You can also ask for it as a basis to modify it as you wish…

Driving in Iceland in winter

spas and pools everywhereWe reassure you right away: driving in the middle of winter in Iceland is feasible.

The cars and tires you rent in Iceland are all adapted to ice. Over ten days of driving, I hardly felt the car slip or skate on the frozen roads, it was almost surprising (except once, and it scared me a little I must admit, but the conditions were hard, and we had looked for it a little).

You obviously have to be even more careful and drive even slower than in summer! In a blizzard, snow drifts on the side of the road (snowdrifts formed by the wind) can be dangerous because they surprise you when visibility is reduced!

How to dress? What equipment is needed?

Iceland in February it’s cold, let’s not lie to each other.

However, the temperatures are not horrible in itself: between -10°C and 5°C displayed at the thermometer in February, which is not so terrible considering the latitude!

No, your real enemy is WIND. With wind, a “nice” temperature of -5°C becomes rather -10°C or -15°C felt…! So you have to plan the clothes accordingly:)

The best thing is to lay layers of clothes on top of each other, that’s THE Nordiques’ anti-cold technique – and they know their subject well! It is also more practical because when you go in the sun and out of the wind, you can remove a layer easily.

Reasons not to travel with a drone!

I travel a lot, and I have been a big fan of photos and videos for many years.

The drone has been in my eye for a long time, but I finally gave up taking one with me on my trips. It is not a matter of budget or technology, but for many other reasons. In this article, I tell you why I do not travel with a drone.

1. A drone takes up space and weighs!

drone photography in asia

If you already do photo and video with me, you know that your backpack quickly fills up with devices and accessories of all kinds!

So is there room for a drone in this whole mess?

With a minimum of organization and a bag a little bigger, I think I could fit a small drone like the DJI Mavic. It will also need to consider keeping a little room for batteries and remote control. With all its accessories, count between 1 and 1.3 kilos to add a drone to your bag. And again, it was because we chose the DJI Mavic. The drones of competitors are bigger and heavier, as are the older versions of DJI and its Phantom. So we have to compromise because we can not wear everything.

2. The legal aspect can be a pain!

In Europe, legislation on drones is beginning to be structured, and many rules are being put in place.

quadricopter shot over a beach in australiaMany countries have followed this route of laws and are sometimes much more severe than in Europe. For example, in Belgium a permit is required, even for a leisure flight, in Germany it is necessary to have an accurate insurance according to the region and Morocco, or Brazil confiscates the drones when entering the territory. Of course, we need to check his information because we are not specialists.

You will understand, you will not be able to do anything, anywhere with a drone. You even risk a confiscation at the border.

3. The drone shots do not represent what I see in real life!

I have to admit that drones make great shots. I recognize it without a problem, and I will even tell you more, I am sometimes jealous of the shootings made by some other bloggers travelers I greet in passing. Nevertheless, it disturbs me because ultimately the views taken by my drone will have been seen only by my drone itself and not by me.

4. The safety of drone flights!

I did some drone flights with a friend, and I think it takes a minimum of training to master the craft perfectly. It is essential when traveling because we often go to places.

A mini drone might be a better option for you on the long term if you travel a lot. Click here to find more!

Melbourne Victoria Australia, the Best City in the World ?

Melbourne located in the state of Victoria has been elected the best liveable city in the world for over 4 years in a row now. Let’s find out what makes this city unique in Australia and in the world !

In the heart of Melbourne. St Paul’s Cathedral in Gothic-Renaissance style, City Square, the National Museum of Victoria, showing the history of the country including the first airplane and first automobile and the State Library, equipped with an octagonal dome and with more than one million copies is.

Highly recommended ace rear to Chinatown, with markets, Asian restaurants, a Chinese Museum and a very unique atmosphere, is the place to the Chinese community since 1850.

museum in the cbd
The museum in the cbd

Between the buildings and the city’s skyscrapers highlight Shot Tower, the Rialto, the former Cathedral of San Jaime and Rippon Lea, a Victorian mansion that includes the Gand Fernery, a lake with Islands, bridges and waterfalls.

Nearby, Old Melbourne Gaol, prison and today Museum describing the history of the prisoners in the 19th century. Farther north the Carlton Gardens, the site of the Expo in the year 1888 and returned to the South, the House of Parliament of the year 1856 the Legislative Chamber hosts.

The Yarra River is an ideal place to relax in the city since it has pedestrian walkways and bicycle circuits. On the other side, you will find the Victorian Arts Centre, without a doubt, the epicentre of the city’s culture.

Here is located the Melbourne Concert Hall, where are the best artists of the time, and home to the Symphony Orchestra; the State Theatre; Studio George; the Westpac Gallery; The Playhouse for the Performing Arts; and the National Gallery

national gallery of victoriaOne of the first buildings of the complex with beautiful collections of Aboriginal art, photography and art of the 19th century. The Performing Arts Museum is located in the basement of the Concert Hall.
Between the parks of the city stands the Royal Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful in Australia, with the best of the flora, arranged between lakes and landscapes of a dream, the Fitzroy gardens that stand out for hosting the Cook hut, transported from England; King Domain, a beautiful green area that welcomes monuments as a Shrine of Remembrance in memory of the first war the House of the Governor Trobe; the Observatory, in which 56 floors can be seen throughout the city and the national herbalist, without forgetting the centre of contemporary art.

For those who like sports, you should head over to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

A cricket ground largest in the world and headquarters of the encounters of this sport and the Australian rugby or the Racecourse of Melbourne, to enjoy horse racing.

Hope this quick article gave you a good overview of Melbourne !

San Diego CA Has So Much To Offer

Decided to go underground or on the beach for your next vacation?

Head to San Diego, California, where the best of both worlds blends perfectly. This metropolitan city ocean side offers up a lot to do, and lots of places to stay when visiting.
Rental units and condos are abundant and provide you with everything you need in the way of accommodations.

Easy to Find Accommodations

All vacation rentals in San Diego come fully furnished with full kitchen and a laundry service. Add to that the privacy and the added space; you will have more a hotel room and the idea of ??renting a house becomes even more attractive. Equipment to choose from are also plentiful, with gourmet kitchens and designer decor, hot tubs and wi-fi, parking and maid service for any consideration. Management professionals rental properties who advertise on this site is trustworthy and competent, and can guide you through these choices with ease.

Choose from near the banks of the beautiful Pacific Ocean in the heart of San Diego; you really can not go wrong in this spectacular place.

Amazing Beaches

the rugged south CA coastline
The rugged south CA coastline

San Diego beaches run the gamut of the style of kid friendly of drama somewhere in between; there is one (or few) that are just right for you and your travel partner for a very good time. La Jolla Cove, children’s pool, Mission Beach, La Jolla Ocean Beach, Windandsea Beach and Pacific Beach have their unique calling cards. Seals are sunbathing on the beach for children, while the reefs of La Jolla Cove make for great snorkelling and scuba diving.

Mission Beach has an old-time East Coast feel, with a romantic walk and wooden roller coaster. Windandsea Beach is one to be taken with caution, not for swimming for children or novice surfers. For outdoor activities, head to Ocean Beach for some surfing and beach volleyball easier. Water sports are endless from windsurfing to parasailing for a day in a fishing boat. Jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling or kayaking your way through San Diego. Stay on dry land and play tennis, golf or enjoy a day at the spa. Discover one of the casinos if you feel lucky (or just have too much cash in your pocket).

Not Far From Mexico

You are minutes from Tijuana, Mexico, and a few hours drive (depending on the time of day) from Los Angeles, so you may want to take a tour of a day or two. Be sure to check with your rental management company to travel to Mexico before making plans, though. San Diego culture and Electrical is recognised worldwide. The San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Man and the Museum of Photographic Arts are all located in Balboa Park and worth a visit. Bundle up and head to Symphony Towers for a concert by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.

The Old Globe Theatre is a world-renowned. Causality and go to visit Sea World, Wild Animal Park and Legoland Very cool. Catch a Padre or game Chargers. Get your nerd on at Comic-Con, an annual comic book convention that attracts the best names of movie stars and many fans interesting.

water is really warm that far down south

You will never be short of something to do in San Diego. Find a great San Diego vacation home or condo, and start enjoying this gem of a metropolitan city by the sea

Santa Barbara California, Why is it so special?

Santa Barbara, California, is the destination for a weekend romantic getaway or family vacation filled with fun and adventure. This area is rather culturally significant with historic features sunny beaches, mountain vistas, recreational attractions, and educational opportunities for adults and children. Boasting a Mediterranean climate pleasantly mild throughout the year is the time of year to visit Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara CaliforniaNo matter what your interests are, there is always plenty to do in and around Santa Barbara. Those seeking outdoor recreation will find opportunities galore. Of immaculate, white sandy beaches, water lovers to enjoy swimming, boating, sports fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, and whale watching. Ruud land can ride on the trails for hiking and biking or enjoy an afternoon of horseback riding through the coastal mountain paradise.

The self-guided tour of Santa Barbara walks leads guests to the historic sites of the city, including the county courthouse. Considered an architectural masterpiece, the Spanish design is nestled amidst lush green lawns Moorish and tropical gardens. The view from the top of the tower is not to be missed. See historical adobes on the road to El Presidio State Historic Park for an example of the architectural and historical significance. The mission nearby, founded in 1786 and one of 21 Franciscan missions in California, is one of the finest in the state. Today he still works as a church is open daily for self-guided.

Nature lovers will want to visit the Natural History Museum, which has exhibits of flora and fauna and a fascinating look at prehistoric Indian life. Although considered a small zoo with 500 animals, the zoo is one of the best in the United States. Known for its park-like atmosphere with plenty of picnic and open areas, it offers an intimate viewing of elephants, lions, giraffes, sea lions, exotic birds, and much more.

The Botanical Gardens have 65 hectares of native flora, including wildflowers breathtaking natural environments in exquisite.
Wine lovers are really at home with a variety of excursions. Knowledgeable guides will take connoisseurs across the country of wine and picturesque of the best vineyards of Santa Ynez Valley. Discover the back country roads and learn about the history of the region and the wine industry. Enjoy the exceptional wines of the valley and learn about local viticulture for better appreciation.

Beautifully located in Santa Barbara condos are available with every comfort, privacy and space of the house with all amenities of vacation you want for a relaxing getaway.

Airbnb does not scare traditional hotels

There are many traditional hotels, private hotels and other hotel services in many countries across the globe. The hotel rates have become as fancy as the rates of flight tickets and limousines, not kidding! The “fancy” hotel rates have given an extra space for Airbnb to grow stronger and wider. According to the critics, Airbnb would take over the traditional hotels in near future, but the hotel managers refuse to believe the predicted data. Recently, the San Francisco based company has been way too generous to its users. It provides many renting services to the travelers such as apartments, humongous villas, and even a freaking big castle, how cool is that? No more dreaming about living a life in castles when you actually can! Airbnb allows people to make money off their apartments and even spare rooms and it is all because of the sharing economy.

Airbnb office in Toronto, Canada
Airbnb office in Toronto, Canada

Airbnb does feel good campaigns, and it’s not for the publicity, or maybe? The company is also known for many charges and controversies. Several sources say the company is not very safe when it comes to apartment sharing services.

But honestly speaking, Airbnb poses a dangerous threat to the traditional hotels out there, and it is slowly taking down them. The largest hotel distribution network does not target the business travellers and the hotels are making money off it. The rates of hotels and apartments under Airbnb are cheaper than a private hotel. Despite all the advantages, Airbnb does not really scare the traditional hotels!

Ways to make sharing economies like Airbnb and Uber safer

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 22.11.23The Sharing economy is the latest trend that is slowly getting popular among the public and the media. The critics say the infectious economy would soon take over other economies in near future. Remember, even a few dollars you earn from the sharing economy could fetch you a cappuccino from Star bucks! People are no longer interested to work under someone, they want to be their own bosses and manage their own shift timings, as simple as that! The sharing economy could possibly fire the corporate world because there would be no supply of full time professionals.

Airbnb is the most popular hotel distribution network that poses a serious threat to the traditional hotels. It is the widely used home renting website in many countries across the world. It is also a proud owner of controversies and most of them are caused by the hosts.


Uber is the famous online ride hailing app that offers rides for many people from different countries across the globe. It is also known for its controversies like theft of personal property, sexual harassments, etc. Nevertheless, both the firms are black markets and are looting money off its users. We need to stay protected and secured when we rent an apartment through Airbnb and take a cab from Uber app. Make a note of all the local emergency contact numbers and let your friends and family know about your plans. Most importantly, go through the reviews of your hosts and cab drivers before you make any plans.